Rider Levels

Find the bike tour with the right level of difficulty

We would like to support you in your travel choice so that your next cycling holiday corresponds exactly to your needs and wishes. Therefore, we have assigned the appropriate tour character to each tour for a basic orientation. Detailed, additional information can be found in the route character of each trip.

cycling tour in asia


Short days of less than 30-40 km (19-24 mi.). You prefer to cycle in flat terrain. Well-developed bike paths with many opportunities to take a break will put a smile on your face. You rarely get your bike out of the garage at home, but you definitely want to try such a cycling holiday!

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40-60 Km (24-37 mi.) per day. The daily trips are for cyclists who prefer to take in the surroundings at a comfortable pace. Cycling has to be fun and shouldn't turn into training for you. Nevertheless, gentle hills or longer sections on gravel paths do not cause you any difficulties and so you pedal happily through the landscape with a view of the beautiful.

bike tours in asia


Average daily distances 60-80 km (37-50 mi.) on flat terrain. One cycling holiday per year is mandatory! You are regularly go on bike excursions in the area on weekends. This trips have more variety in day to day riding, and can include a longer or more challenging climbing day or two.

Ride and Rad cycle tour


Longer distances of over 80 Km (50 mi.) on undulating terrain. You also regularly go on longer day trips at home. Instead of taking the car, you prefer to cycle to the neighboring town and thus be in good physical shape. On a cycling holiday, the terrain can be quietly hilly and even if there are several inclines between the stages, you can reach the area with a smile.