Guided Bike Tour in Vietnam: Between Rice Fields and Karst Landscapes

There are many ways to discover a country, but the possibility of cycling is mostly forgotten. Cyclists experience a country in a very special way because by bike you usually leave the paths of tourists and embark on new, much more authentic paths. Vietnam is perfect for this, our local experts will tell you why!

Vietnam is the Asian country of bicycles. You meet herds of schoolchildren who take the street together to start their free afternoon, you follow women who balance baskets on their heads while driving and thus bring their market purchases home safely and you meet tourists who try to Travel the country sustainably and sportily.

In Vietnam, you can find countless bike routes, short routes to remote beaches or very long routes that cover the entire coast from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. On all of these routes, however, there is the option of cycling only certain sections, so it can be optimally adapted to personal needs, depending on the level and level.

guided bike tour in vietnam

Suggestions for possible bike routes

  • Full day tour from Hue to Hoi An
    Along the Vietnamese coast, past small and authentic fishing villages, over the Hai-Van Pass, through rice fields and lagoons. This route is ideal for a one-day trip and you can easily continue the trip from Hoi An, whether by transfer, by bus or on two wheels.
  • Half-day tours from Hoi An
    There are countless bike tours around Hoi An, where you can immerse yourself in the country and its culture and get closer to the real Vietnam. Depending on the duration and interest, wonderfully exciting bike tours can be planned here.
  • Full day tour to Ninh Binh
    From Hanoi, you can plan a day tour to the beautiful Ninh Binh. Here you drive along the peaceful waterways, past rice fields and high limestone cliffs, through caves and through the diverse landscape of the north. This tour can be ideally combined with a boat trip to get to know the waterways around Thien Ha.
  • Multi-day bike tours through the Mai Chau Valley
    With mountain bikes you ride this tour through authentic mountain villages, the diverse landscape of Vietnam, get to know the culture and the people and get a completely new view of wonderful Vietnam.

8 things you shouldn’t forget on your bike trip

1. Helmet

If you get to know the traffic, especially in more urban areas, you will be happy to wear a helmet.

2. Bicycle lock

Better safe than sorry. Who wants to be without a bike after refreshment at the street market?

3. Front & Rear lights

If the tour is longer than planned or you want to end your evening at the distant beach bar.

4. Cycling shorts

After 2 days at the latest, you will be happy to have them with you.

5. Suncream

The heat and sun are not to be underestimated in Vietnam, especially in smaller villages you rarely find sunscreen because the locals don’t use it.

6. Cycling gloves or grip tape

With humidity of up to 95% and heat of 25 ° on average, you can start to sweat, but it is safer to stick to the handlebars with a certain grip.

7. GPS or road map

Vietnam is equipped with a very good GPS system, so it pays to pack a smartphone for orientation. It becomes more adventurous with a road map or the directions of the helpful Vietnamese.

8. Replacement bicycle tube

Vietnam is geared towards cycling and there is a small workshop in every village, but it makes sense to have tools and spare parts for stranding in the middle of nowhere.

bicycle tour in vietnam

Are you ready to start cycling?

From half-day routes to 5-day trips or 10-day routes through the Mekong delta, there is something for every bike lover and those who want to become one.

In any case, traveling by bike promises you special proximity to the locals you meet on the way and with whom you cover sections, an understanding of Asian traffic and the opportunity to experience nature and culture to the maximum.

Our local travel experts will help you to optimally adapt your bike trip to your needs and your level, plan your unique trip to Vietnam with you!

Suggestion Cycling Trips in Vietnam

vietnam cycling tour

Angkor + Saigon Bike Tour

12 days  |  Level: 3  |  From: $3,590
Bike tour in Cambodia from ancient Angkor to the capital city of Vietnam and ended in Saigon.

cycling tour in vietnam

Cycle Tour from Bangkok to Saigon

15 days  |  Level: 3  |  From: $3,795
A trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam by bike is really a great actively experience of Southeast Asia.