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With the numerous possibilities of eco-tourism in its jungle landscapes, remote national parks, and fascinating mountain villages, Cambodia offers much more, especially for individual travelers.

The Ride & Rad bike tour in Cambodia takes you to explore the roads less traveled to the ancient Kingdom of Angkor. From the striking towers of Angkor Wat and sacred jungle temples to the lively capital city of Phnom Penh, our bike tours to Cambodia will show you all of the best rides, the best hotels, and the hidden treasures in the region.

Jason R
Jason R
Best bike tour in Cambodia We were a group of 5 friends who went on a 5-day private cycling trip in Siem reap, Cambodia. We had a fantastic time and definitely enjoyed the vacation. The accommodations and transportation were excellent. Sokvuth, our tour guide, was really informed and helpful. We cycle past Angkor temple, forests, plains, and so forth. We also went to a crocodile farm and sampled both crocodile and snake meat. This operator comes highly recommended for a cycling adventure in Siem Reap.
Alice Morrison
Alice Morrison
Great trip!!! Our cycling excursion to Angkor Wat was fantastic! The tour was absolutely world-class, and we got to see and experience things that most tourists never get to do! At Angkor Wat and the surrounding little towns, we witnessed the most breathtaking sunrise, which most tourists were unaware of! Our tour guide was really knowledgeable, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so we packed as much as we could into our 5-day trip to Cambodia. We had a fantastic experience in Cambodia, and we will never forget all of the incredible sights we visited.
Wathan Yong
Wathan Yong
Fantastic cycling adventure I participated in the Ride & Rad cycling trip in Cambodia. The trip was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. The activities in the itinerary are just as described and the cultural experiences that this trip provides are beyond anything words can describe. Come prepared to eat the best food of your life! The people for me was what made the trip over the top! The guides were fantastic. They always made sure everyone was safe and having fun. Their sincerity and authenticity made it feel like they were lifelong friends rather than paid guides. I really enjoyed traveling with them and getting to know them! Thanks for a great trip. Highly recommended!!!

Explore Cambodia Bike Tours

cambodia cycling tour

Angkor + Phnom Penh Bike Tour

7 days  |  Level: 2  |  From: $1,650
The cycle journey through the ancient cities and rural landscapes of Cambodia and Phnom Penh city.

cycle to cambodia beach

Angkor + Phnom Penh + Coast

12 days  |  Level: 3  |  From: $2,795
Our bike tour starts in Siem Reap with one of Cambodia’s main attractions of Angkor Wat to Cambodia’s coast.

angkor wat bicycle tour

Angkor Bike Tour

5 days  |  Level: 2  |  From: $820
Cycle all the major highlights of Angkor temples, visiting the World Heritage Site and the hidden back trails of Angkor Archaeology Park.

cambodia bike tour

Cycle to the Sea

7 days  |  Level: 3  |  From: $1,999
An unforgettable adventure bike tour in Cambodia from Capital City of Phnom Penh to charming coastal Island at Koh Rong.

vietnam cycling tour

Angkor + Saigon Bike Tour

12 days  |  Level: 3  |  From: $3,590
Bike tour in Cambodia from ancient Angkor to the capital city of Vietnam and ended in Saigon.

Cambodia cycling tours

Angkor Family Bike Tour

5 days  |  Level: 1  |  From: $899
Pedal through the jungle and discover the wonderful Angkor temple, this family trip is just for you.

Why Travel With Us ...

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Go Off the Beaten Path

Our team of experts will take you to the must-see attractions and charming backroads with our itinerary from a local tour operator when you can experience an expertly designed vacation of your lifetime. We have carefully chosen the best routes for you that not only offer a satisfying cycling experience, but also offer a rich cultural experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

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Let Our Local
Experts Guide You

Our guides have been navigating the land and, as a result, have become especially familiar with the region. They speak the language fluently and know the roads like the back of their hands which means that you will never have to worry about getting lost.

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Bikes + Gear

The enjoyment cyclists get from the best bike tours is what drives us to offer the highest-quality bicycles. We tune them to perfection and have a variety of different models to suit everyone's needs.

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We know every amazing hotel and boutique property in the region. You can be assured that when you stay with us, you'll never have to settle for a less than perfect room.

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Eat + Drink

On our tour, we are obsessed with food and drink because we believe every region is revealed through its cuisine. Our tours have a culinary-forward focus: think restaurants off the beaten path, intimate cooking classes, and on each trip, guests are given the opportunity to dine on their own so that they can discover a location independently. Of course, your guides will provide you with a list of their favorite restaurants to try.

jeep tour to angkor wat
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